MARCH 13, 1934 - MARCH 24, 2007

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Eulogy for Howard Radford, given by Reverend John Pulman at Mansfield Crematorium, Friday, March 30th, 2007.

Mr Howard Radford (73) was born in 1934 at Stanton Hill in a barbershop - the son of two barbers. Mr Radford, who was educated at Healdswood School, lived locally all his life. His National Service was spent in the 10th Hussars tank regiment, based in the Middle East during the Suez crisis.

A hard-working and highly skilled bricklayer, Howard took great pride in his work. You may not realize it, but when you walk or drive around Nottinghamshire, you will have passed many brick buildings, gardens, and even a church that Howard had a hand in building. He spent the final 20 years of his career working at Beaufort’s. His legacy includes training many young apprentices in the profession to build with the same painstaking care he took in his own work.

Howard married the love of his life, Elsie May Ball, at Saint Mary's Church in 1958 and they have been happily married for 49 years. Howard was a loving and attentive husband, father, and grandfather. He was a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of Mansfield Town Football Club, and he had a regular season ticket with his son Mark. They spent many happy days cheering for the Stags through thick and thin.

An adventurous travellor, Howard enjoyed cruising around the Mediterranean and visiting Majorca with Elsie. He loved to travel to America to visit his granddaughter Meg, son, Gary, and daughter-in-law Marie in New Jersey. Howard and Elsie came to America for the first time in 1990 to hold their new granddaughter Meg in their arms when she was only six weeks old. Howard and Elsie fell in love with New York City, especially seeing Broadway musicals, cruising around the island of Manhattan, and experiencing a New York Yankees baseball game at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

Howard was a fun and loving person who always had a smile on his face. He was known for teasing and joking with his mates. He heartily enjoyed a good time, loved music and dancing, and often sang along with his favourite tunes. He spent many happy hours with his family and many friends at his local pub, the Staff of Life, especially Friday nights with Seth and Ken. He was a long-time member of Sutton Labour Club and took pleasure in the friendly but competitive Sunday lunchtime card games with his dear sister, Joyce, and brother-in-law Arthur. Howard loved to walk, especially taking Wonsley to visit the swans on a local pond.

Howard had a boyish charm, twinkling bright blue eyes, and a ready smile. He was very youthful and, until his recent illness, had never been sick. We will all surely miss him very much, and we are stunned by how suddenly he was taken from us.

Mr Radford, who died 24th March, 2007, at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton, leaves his wife of 49 years, Mrs Elsie Radford, two sons, Gary and Mark, and his granddaughter, Meg. Mourners were Mrs E. Radford, Mr M. Radford, Mr G. Radford, Mrs M. Radford, Meg Radford, Mr A. Wilcock, Mrs J. Wilcock, Mr P. Wilcock, Mrs L. Wilcock, Mr M. Dennis, Mr and Mrs P. Breen, Mr G. Walvin, Mrs D. Walvin, Mr K. Walvin, Mr D. S. Ball; Mr P. M. Ball (representing H. L. Ball and T. M. Wright), Mrs G. E. Ball, Miss V. Slack; Mr R. Storey and Mrs L. Haynes (representing Beaufort Construction), Mr J. Harrison, Mr A. Toon, Mr S. Hallsebrook, Mr J. R. Clarke; Mrs M. Garbett (representing Mr D. Garbett), Mr and Mrs R. Marshall, Mr and Mrs P. W. Flook, Mr R. Dunning, Mr and Mrs K. M. Adams, Mr and Mrs E. H. Ball, Mrs T. Taylor, Mr and Mrs D. Dudley, Mr and Mrs B. Harris, Miss C. Harris, Mr and Mrs J. Marriott, Mr and Mrs J. and N. Barnard, Mr R. Barnard, Mr P. Archer, Mr W. Rodgers. The service was conducted by the Rev J. Pulman, and arrangements were by K. Gregory & Sons Ltd.

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