(or Gdansk for the Memory)

Lyrics by John Barrows; Music by Gary Radford
Debut: The May Bash, May 22, 1999

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Performed at The Log Cabin, Rutgers University, April 24, 2005

The Lyrics

It's so subjective, the music that we choose
Opinions vary, the rhythm or the blues
To discriminating musical tastes we cater
So you won't hear this, on the Hyatt Elevator

It's my way or the highway, some people say
The only good music is the stuff that I play
He may be a genius, or a two-faced traitor
But he won't hear this, on the Hyatt Elevator

You don't respect us, but at least we're in tune
We'd love to have you back, but it won't be soon
We can do without an egomaniac agitator
Who'll never hear this, on the Hyatt Elevator

To think that we always spoke well of you
But we're doing just fine, check it out, it's true
Thanks for the note, maybe we'll see you later
Keep listening for us, on the Hyatt Elevator

Copyright 1999 by John Barrows and Gary Radford. All rights reserved

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