2nd Annual Conference of the New Jersey Communication Association
Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ, March 21, 1998

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Despite the worst ice-storm of the 1997-1998 winter season on March 21, 1998, the new Professors line-up of Kubey, Radford, J, Barrows, and Romanenko unveiled the "Full Monty Set" at the 2nd Annual Conference of the New Jersey Communication Association held at Montclair State University. The courageous crowd of 10-15 people who braved the awful weather conditions were treated to the premiere performances of Psychedelic Killer (Romanenko), Dreading the Dawning (Barrows/Radford), Untenured Blues (Radford/Radford), and Ghost of Love (Barrows/Wallinger). The set was followed by an awesome jam session with Thom Gencarelli's band, Blue Race.

Watch a YouTube Playlist of the Show


John Barrows - Harp/Guitar
Bob Kubey - Drums
J - Lead Vocals
Gary Radford - Lead Guitar
Nick Romanenko - Bass Guitar


  1. Psychedelic Killer (Nick Romanenko) **
  2. Psycho Killer (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Tina Weymouth - The Talking Heads) **
  3. Dreading the Dawning (John Barrows/Gary Radford) **
  4. I'm From New Jersey (John Gorka) **
  5. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd - Eric Clapton)
  6. You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)
  7. Untenured Blues (Gary Radford/Marie Radford) **
  8. Ghost of Love (John Barrows/Mark Wallinger) **
  9. Bitch (Meredith Brooks) **
  10. Treachery (Gary Radford/Marie Radford)

** = debut song

The Red House Jam with the incomparable Thom Gencarelli and Blue Race

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