Music and Lyrics by Meg Radford
Debut: The Red Lion Cafe, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, October 30, 2015

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Performed at The Professors 20th Anniversary Concert (1995-2015)
The Dreyfuss Theater, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey
December 12, 2015
Videography by Kevin Wojtaszek

So you stayed up all night studying
We donít care, youíre gonna sit in class on your ass til eight
Did I mention the seatingís terrible?
It will deafen you and waken you with itís random squeaks

Oh, why are there 4 exams in one week
Thought I was cool, but now I just might freak
In other wordsÖ

I just wanna scream ohhhh yeah yeah yeah, scream
Wonít someone wake me from this bad dream
Being stuck in class makes me squirm and squeem
Oh please, please, please.. just let me scream

If youíre into surprise deadlines
And miscommunication out of the wahzoo
Youíll really love ICVM IV
It should be fun, but who the hell knows when and what is due

Oh, was this assignment due in spring or fall
How was I supposed to know I dropped the ball
In other words . . .

It makes me wanna scream ohhhh yeah yeah yeah
Wont someone wake me up from this bad dream
Iíve noticed this has become a new theme
Oh please just let me scream

Why isn't it socially acceptable
To let out a wail of angst when the feeling strikes
My neighbors would definitely call the cops
They donít know its actually my notes winning this damn fight

Why must I cram all these words into my head of clay
Gee, it must be nice to see the light of day
In other words . . .

I just wanna scream, let it out, hear me shout free
Maybe if we unanimously agree
As if loud expiration is the key
Just please let me scream

Just let me scream

Copyright 2015 by Meg Radford. All rights reserved

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