Failte Coffeehouse, Hopewell, New Jersey
July 16, 2006

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Syd Barrett (1/6/1946 - 7/7/2006)
Syd Barrett, founder and inspiration of the early Pink Floyd, passed away July 7, 2006. The Professors were scheduled to play an entire performance of Pink Floyd songs at their summer appearance at the Failte Coffeehouse, and very quickly turned the show into a tribute to Syd Barrett and the influence he had on the later Pink Floyd. The Professors debuted eight new songs at this show: Mother, The Gnome, A Pillow of Winds, Echoes, If, Childhood's End, Free Four, and Us and Them, all of which were prepared in a hectic three week period immediately prior to the show. The songs represent all aspects of Pink Floyd's repertoire, ranging from "The Gnome" from "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" (1967) through "The Wall" (1979). The show saw the debut of Chris Calidero as a full member of The Professors.


Chris Caldiero - Harp/Vocals
Meg Radford - Vocals
Gary Radford - Classical Guitar/Vocals
Nick Romanenko - Bass Guitar / Vocals
Peter VanEmburg - Drums/Vocals


From "Meddle" (1971)
  1. Fearless (Roger Waters/David Gilmour)

    From "Animals" (1977)

  2. Pigs on the Wing (Part One) (Roger Waters)
  3. Dogs (David Gilmour/Roger Waters)

    From "The Wall" (1979)

  4. Mother (Roger Waters) **
  5. One of My Turns (Roger Waters)
  6. Nobody Home (Roger Waters)

    From "Wish You Were Here" (1975)

  7. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Roger Waters/David Gilmour/Richard Wright)
  8. Wish You Were Here (David Gilmour/Roger Waters)

    From "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" (1967)

  9. The Gnome (Syd Barrett) **

    From "Amused to Death" (1992)

  10. Amused to Death (Roger Waters)

    From "Meddle" (1971)

  11. A Pillow of Winds (David Gilmour/Roger Waters) **
  12. Echoes (Nick Mason/David Gilmour/Roger Waters/Richard Wright) **

    From "Atom Heart Mother" (1970)

  13. If (Roger Waters) **

    From "Obscured by Clouds" (1972)

  14. Childhood's End (David Gilmour) **
  15. Free Four (Roger Waters) **

    From "A Night at the Opera" (1975)

  16. 39 (Brian May)

    From "Dark Side of the Moon" (1973)

  17. Time (Nick Mason/Roger Waters/Richard Wright/David Gilmour)
  18. Breathe (Reprise) (Nick Mason/Roger Waters/Richard Wright/David Gilmour)
  19. Us and Them (Roger Waters/Richard Wright) **
  20. Brain Damage (Roger Waters)
  21. Eclipse (Roger Waters)

    From "The Professors' Greatest Hits" (Date TBA)

  22. A Geek's Life (Peter VanEmburg/Gary Radford/Nick Romanenko)

** = Debut Song

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