Lyrics by Mark Wallinger; Music by John Barrows
Debut: Cook College, Rutgers University, April 24, 2005

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Recorded at: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey, May 13, 2005
John Barrows - Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar; Gary Radford - Classical Guitar/Backing Vocal;
Marie Radford - Keyboards; Nick Romanenko - Bass; Peter VanEmburg - Drums

Performed at The Log Cabin, Rutgers University, April 24, 2005.

She was a different girl they's always say
A shy one, who was prone to run away
That's just the way she is, everybody said
It's all a little opera in her head

At night in bed she's awake to whispers
Take long walks in the dark to see sisters
She never had and never would on earth
But imagined in her head that she should

Go to meet ghosts that were never there
Walk the small town streets in feet that were bare
'Til she reached some place only she would know
She would end the journey with nothing to show

She's see they weren't there calling out to her
But she was forced to look just the same
When the cops came to get her, she's always say
She was meeting them, but they went away

Sometimes she looks at me and smiles like she used to
Strokes my cheek with her hand
Something I got used to
We talk of what might be, I reach across the table
Thinking she is able
But she withdraws her hand
And then she's gone again, visiting ghostly friends
In faraway lands

Day after day, I make time for her
I offer my heart, I hope she grabs it
I can't be afraid, but I have to wonder
Will her soul ever come out from under

I pray she'll come back to me someday
Revisit our world and decide to stay
Until then my world is sad and is black
I can't look ahead, and I can't look back

I'll take a chance and put myself on the line
Be the one that her eyes can always find
Until she withdraws again and pulls back now
Makes me wonder if it's worth it all somehow

It wasn't long ago in the summer rain
She got real quiet and then pulled far away
To take this journey that left us all behind
Everyone's gone now, I'm her soul lifeline

Copyright 2001 by John Barrows and Mark Wallinger. All rights reserved

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