Saxophone, 2013-2015

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Photograph by Nick Romanenko

Larry's musical career began in Albany, NY's public school #19 where he began on the plastic flute. From this gateway he went on to abuse recorders and clarinets and eventually saxophones. Unaware that the saxophone was a transposing instrument led to garage band failures and an unfortunate and prolonged break from playing. Imagine not knowing your alto is an Eb instrument! This 35 year hiatus was finally broken with his reading, and discovery, of music theory, coupled with a close friend dropping an alto on his desk. His comment was simple: "Break time is over". Since then Larry has dabbled with the alto, tenor and soprano saxophones. Truly a late bloomer.

At a breakfast where Rutgers University bestowed an honorary doctorate of arts on Sonny Rollins Larry was advised by this saxophone colossus to "... just keep blowin', man". So, this advice has been followed with gusto. Solo stints on jazz classics and a guest appearance with the short-lived Last Minute Band followed.

When Meg Radford of The Professors showed up in Larry's lab to conduct her honors research on music and animal behavior she invited him to come play with her band. Next came the recording session to lay down sax tracks for her original Learning Curve. A few practice sessions later and a couple of gigs (Meg's Graduation Party, and the American Cancer Fund's Ride for the Kids), and the connection with The Professors was solidified.

Larry is thrilled and honored to join this assemblage of talented musicians and looks forward to challenges, musical explorations, and plenty of good times ahead!

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