Drums, 2005-2016

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Photograph by Nick Romanenko

Peter's musical career began at the age of eight, when his third-grade music teacher noticed his talent for interpreting classical symphonies on the kazoo. A virtual prodigy, he dedicated the next several years of his life to arranging and performing some of the most highly-regarded elementary school classical kazoo music in all of central New Jersey.

After a collaboration with Zamfir turned sour, Peter switched from classical kazoo to mainstream kazoo. During his junior high school years, Peter developed a unique lead-kazoo style and soon began to perform in such rock bands as The Lintpickin' Fussbudgets and Four Geeks and a Drum.

Things took a turn for Peter one night when his mother was dropping him [and his kazoo] off at a friend's house for a practice session:

"OK, Mom, thanks for the ride. See you at ten o'clock."
"Peter, wait a minute..."
"Look at the other mothers who are dropping off their kids."
"Well, they get to carry those heavy amplifiers and all that gear."
"I'm jealous."
"Peter, you need to play a different instrument. A bigger instrument."
"I do?"
"Yes, you need more gear. Lots of gear."
"Mom, I gotta go..."
"Fine, alright, I won't make you late - but we'll talk about this tomorrow morning over breakfast, young man. Do you understand?"
"Mom, you forgot to take your medication again, didn't you?"
"Don't be silly. Have fun tonite. And remember, think: 'Lots of gear. Lots of big, heavy, bulky, LOUD gear'!"
"Right, Mom. Bye."

The rest, as they say, is history. A short time later Peter's kazoo was found in the Somerville Sanitary Landfill Site, his mother got a new station wagon, and the drumming world hasn't been the same since.

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