Harmonica/Vocals 2006-2008

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Photograph by Deborah Goodsite

Chris has been singing all of his life. He learned at an early age how to hog the spotlight. Starting with choruses, stage performances, and finally, rocking out in bands, Chris has always considered music to be a central force in life.

After learning to play harmonica and percussion while at Montclair State U., Chris joined up with The Little Green Men—a soulful, rockafunky, psychometric jam band co-founded by Chris Kelly and other friends. The band endured 3-5 years of grueling touring in and about Essex County, NJ.

After years of dormancy brought about by a combination of musical indifference, career and graduate school focus, and pizza, the Satchmo has reemerged, guesting with The Professors at their Great Notch Inn and Fairleigh Dickinson University gigs, and making his debut as a Full Professor at the Syd Barrett Tribute Concert at the Failte Coffeehouse. As an Assistant Professor in the Communication Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Chris is happy to be singing, playing, and enjoying quality music again . . . rock on!

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