Route 46, Little Falls, NJ, March 25, 2006

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Photograph by Marie Radford

"Hi, it's Robin - that was such a good time, you guys are a fantastick band. Your daughter Meg has an incredible voice, very edgy and different (I told her all-girl punk band). I hope I helped make her alittle more comfortable, yes the Notch is a strange place, It could be a little overwhelming at times, even for someone my age! Can't wait to see you all again. I'm going to try to make it to the show @ FDU in May, all are welcome, right? Great website also, lots of history to the band! Be sure to say hi to Marie. Take care." - Robin Lafemina, Great Notch Inn Patron
I am writing to tell you how glad I am that Renee didn't want to go to dinner--that she wanted to go to the biker bar to see you guys. Because I got to see and hear you. And you guys were just ... absolutely great! Really. A completely different band from any of the past versions. And I was really, truly -- from my heart-of-hearts as a closet musician meself -- impressed. So I'm glad it all worked out, in all the ways it did. In the meantime, keep playing. And please tell Meg I loved it, too. (And tell her that her mother means well when she tries to give her tips about her performance!) ;). - Thom Gencarelli, NJCA President and Lead Singer with the marvellous band, Blue Race.

Meg Radford
Gary Radford
Nick Romanenko
Peter VanEmburg
Chris Caldiero - Harmonica on "A Geek's Life"


  1. Sick of Goodbyes (David Lowery/Mark Linkous - Sparklehorse)
  2. Fearless (Roger Waters/David Gilmour - Pink Floyd) **
  3. False Positive (John Barrows/Chad Dell) **
  4. Transatlanticism (Benjamin Gibbard/Christopher Walla - Deathcab for Cutie)
  5. 39 (Brian May - Queen) **
  6. Bravado (Neil Peart/Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson - Rush) **
  7. A Farewell to Kings (Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson/Neil Peart)
Dark Side of the Moon
  1. Time (Nick Mason/Roger Waters/Richard Wright/David Gilmour - Pink Floyd)
  2. Breathe (Reprise) (Nick Mason/Roger Waters/Richard Wright/David Gilmour)
  3. Brain Damage (Roger Waters)
  4. Eclipse (Roger Waters)
  1. Nobody Home (Roger Waters)
  2. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Roger Waters/David Gilmour/Richard Wright)
  3. Wish You Were Here (David Gilmour/Roger Waters)


  1. Crisis of Confidence (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
  2. Peer Review (John Barrows)
  3. Complicated Shadows (Elvis Costello )
  4. Psycho Killer (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Tina Weymouth - The Talking Heads)
  5. A Geek's Life (Peter VanEmburg/Gary Radford/Nick Romanenko)
  6. Sunday Night at Kenny's (John Barrows)
  7. I'm From New Jersey (John Gorka)
  8. Brainstorm (Nik Turner - Hawkwind)
  9. Sonic Attack (Michael Moorcock)

** = Debut Song

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