Music by T-ski
Debut: Kenny's Castaways, June 19, 1997

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Crap is a track on The Professors' (2000) album, Just In Case You Call This Music Crap

Recorded at Suite 16 Studios, Piscataway, New Jersey, November 1997
Produced and Engineered by Paul Sukovich

Stephen Cooper - Bass; T-ski - Guitar/Voice;
Robert Kubey - Drums; Gary Radford - Lead Guitar

T-ski, Robert Kubey, Stephen Cooper,and Gary Radford
thrill a packed house at Kenny's Castaways, Greenwich Village, NYC,
with this performance of T-ski's heavy metal tour-de-force, "Crap."
June 19, 1997

Copyright 1997 by T-ski. All rights reserved

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