Lead Guitar, 1995-1997

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Photograph by Craig Brown

During his tenure with The Professors, T-ski was Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department at Rutgers University. He was a founding father of the band and the driving force behind the raw and hard-edged early Professors sound. T-ski contributed such original songs as Unabomer, Dark andStormy Day, and Crap.

In the move that shocked the music world, T-ski left the band in December 1997 to pursue solo projects. In an exclusive interview given to the New Jersey Star Ledger, T-ski announced that he is composing an album of "heavy-metal cyber-anthems" (see Kevin Coughlin, April 6, 1998, Rutgers is teaching Web Sites How to Talk. New Jersey Star Ledger, Tech Section, p. 21, 24). His 21-year old son, M-Ski, is quoted as saying "It's not bad, Dad, but you've got to scream more." There is also some incidental material in the article referring to T-Ski's work as a computer scientist.

Recorded at Suite 16 Studios, Piscataway, New Jersey, November 1997
Produced and Engineered by Paul Sukovich
Stephen Cooper - Bass; T-ski - Guitar/Voice;
Robert Kubey - Drums; Gary Radford - Lead Guitar

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