The 46th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association
Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, Chicago, IL, May 25, 1996

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Robert Kubey recounts the intersection of music and academia at the
Annual Conference of the International Communication Association.

After announcing their retirement at their Farewell Gig in July 1995, The Professors shock the music world by reforming to play their infamous Reunion Gig at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Chicago, IL, to incredible reviews.

J made her premiere as lead singer with the band with an incredible rendition of "Five Long Years" which left the crowd stunned, and then shouting for more. Craig Brown made a superlative guest appearance on drums. Not only do the The Professors return to the stage and the limelights, they also debut two original songs - Unabomber (T-ski) and The Bottle (Radford/Marshall). The band also premiere the original John Lennon/Luthor Allison fusion, Crippled Inside.

While in the Windy City, The Professors also had time to make their first studio recordings at Dress Rehearsals Studio, West Hubbard Street, Chicago.

A YouTube Playlist of all the songs performed in Chicago
Videography by Marie Radford


Stephen Cooper - Bass Guitar
T-ski - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Robert Kubey - Drums
J - Lead Vocals
Gary Radford - Lead Guitar/Vocals


Craig Brown - Drums


  1. T-Bone Shuffle (Albert Collins)
  2. Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd - Eric Clapton) **
  3. Fast Blues with Mean Progression (T-ski)
  4. Crippled Inside (John Lennon/Luthor Allison) **
  5. You Haven't Hurt Me (Joe Kubek - arr. T-ski/J) **
  6. Crossroads (Robert Johnson) **
  7. Damn Right I've Got the Blues (Buddy Guy) **
  8. The Bottle (Gary Radford/Ian Marshall) **
  9. Comfortably Numb (Roger Waters/David Gilmour - Pink Floyd)
  10. Unabomber (T-ski) **
  11. One Way Out (M. Sehorn/W. Williamson/ J. W. James- The Allman Brothers)
  12. Retro (T-ski/Gary Radford/Robert Kubey)
** = debut song


The Professors rocked the halls of academe. Next year they should be given a plenary session.
Prof. Dennis Mumby, Purdue University

Introducing The Professors, I thought how Ed Sullivan must have felt introducing Elvis.
Prof. Joseph Turow, University of Pennsylvania

It was good for my soul. It showed me that professors can rock out and we don't have to be nerds all the time.
Mike McDevitt, Graduate Student, Stanford University

The Professor's pulsating rhythms combined with their raw sexuality totally overcame me. I will never be the same.
A recent convert

The Professors' driving melange of styles from Gdansk, Nottingham, and Berkeley remains unique in the history of music.
Ralph J. Gleason, San Francisco Chronicle

The Professors embody my theory, my ouevre.
Thorsten Veblen

You guys were GREAT. Everyone said so. What I heard was fantastic.
Eric Eisenberg, Organizational Communication Division Chair, ICA

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