Vocals, 2010-present

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Jennifer Guardado comes from a family well versed in the choral tradition, and was raised on Beethoven and the folk-stylings of Tom Chapin. Having been in church and school choirs for as long as she can remember (roughly 20 years), Jenn has also delighted listeners belting Broadway in the shower and soft rock at the dinner table. The second in her family to be a part of a band (Great-Grandpa Wally's polka band!), Jenn made her debut with The Professors on December 11, 2009, at Fairleigh Dickinson University after becoming a friend and fan through Meg, thanks in part to the Voorhees Choir of Rutgers University. She became a full member of the band at her performance at the Wedding of Betty Turock and Gus Friedrich, Rutgers University, NJ, on November 21, 2010. Many thanks to the Professors for expanding her musical horizons!

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