Bass Guitar, 1998-present

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Nick Romanenko first came across The Professors when asked to photograph the band as part of a major story published exclusively in the Rutgers Focus.

Nick was one of few outsiders to gain entrance to the Professors inner sanctum at the Kubey Mansion, Highland Park, NJ. The pictures Nick took that day are now part of rock-and-roll history (e.g., the now classic "No Activities After Dark" and "Bob Kubey's House"). Nick was stunned by the quality of the Professors' sound and began sitting in with the band on bass.

Nick was part of the infamous Princeton Jam and became a fully inducted Professor at the Montclair State University gig in March, 1998, which also saw the premiere of his composition Psychedelic Killer. His best known and loved original song is the incomparable Nicky Land, coming deep from within Nick's throbbing hypothalamus.

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