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September 9, 2022

Photo: John Munson

The Basics

Title: University Photographer

Department: University Communications and Marketing

How long have you worked at Rutgers: 36 years

What I Do

As the university photographer, I cover all three major campuses, plus occasional people and activities all over the state and beyond. I am called upon to document important events, produce creative portraits of faculty, staff, students and alumni, plus produce an archive of all our great campuses during the four seasons. Many photo shoots are designed for specific marketing campaigns. Duties "beyond the field" include helping to tag, catalog, archive and deliver images to clients in the university sphere.

Favorite Rutgers Memory

I have too many stories to choose from. A favorite though is being sent many years ago by Rutgers Focus (a black and white print weekly that was a precursor to Rutgers Today) to photograph a local band called The Professors, which was (surprise, surprise) a bunch of our professors and Ph.D. candidates. Over the course of the next year, I sat in for a few tunes and eventually became the permanent bassist when the original member left for a tenure position at West Virginia. I still play in that band now for over 25 years.

Fun Fact

Besides serving on the board of directors of the University Photographers' Association of America, Raritan Headwaters Association and Central Jersey Trout Unlimited I also play bass in about six bands in my "spare time".

Nick Romanenko first came across The Professors when asked to photograph the band as part of a major story published exclusively in the Rutgers Focus.

Nick was one of few outsiders to gain entrance to the Professors inner sanctum at the Kubey Mansion, Highland Park, NJ. The pictures Nick took that day are now part of rock-and-roll history (e.g., the now classic "No Activities After Dark" and "Bob Kubey's House"). Nick was stunned by the quality of the Professors' sound and began sitting in with the band on bass.

Nick was part of the infamous Princeton Jam and became a fully inducted Professor at the Montclair State University gig in March, 1998, which also saw the premiere of his composition Psychedelic Killer. His best known and loved original song is the incomparable Nicky Land, coming deep from within Nick's throbbing hypothalamus.

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