Lyrics by Peter VanEmburg; Music by Gary Radford, Nick Romanenko and Peter VanEmburg
Debut: Failte Coffeehouse, Hopewell, NJ, October 16, 2005

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Recorded at Frankensound Studios, North Brunswick, New Jersey, April 2008
Engineered by Vince Carducci
John Barrows - Harmonica; Gary Radford - Lead Guitar; Meg Radford - Background Vocals;
Nick Romanenko - Bass; Peter VanEmburg - Drums/Lead Vocals

Performed live at the Bottle Hill Pub
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey
December 11, 2009.

Gary Radford - Guitar; Meg Radford - Backing Vocals; Nick Romanenko - Bass
Peter VanEmburg - Drums and Vocals; Jennifer Zahorbenski - Backing Vocals

Videography by Kevin Wojtaszek

It's Saturday night
Almost eight o'clock
The kids are up in bed
And I'm ready to rock
My wife's all dressed up
And she's ready to roll
But we're stuck here at home
Because the sitter didn't show

I've got the blues
The babysitter blues
We just need a little break
So we don't go insane
But her softball team made the finals
She's got an unscheduled playoff game

Our teenage neighbor Amy
She seemed really sweet
We had her over once
She said she'd be back in two weeks
The time came, but she didn't
So I went next door
The car was gone, the lights were out
And nobody answered the door

I've got the blues
The babysitter blues
We just need a little break
Parenting can be a pain
But her voicemail message said
"We're vactioning in Maine"

Finally found the perfect girl
Her name was Kate
Reliable, responsible
And the kids thought she was great
But we made the mistake
Of telling our friend Sue
Now Sue pays her more then we can afford
So who do you think she'll choose?

I've got the blues
The babysitter blues
We just need a little break
So we can unwind
But Sue stole our Kate from under us
And I think I'm losing my mind

Copyright 2005 by Peter VanEmburg, Gary Radford, and Nick Romanenko. All rights reserved

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