Lyrics by J; Music by T-ski
Debut: William Paterson University, September 2, 1997

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J - Vocals; T-ski - Guitar; Gary Radford - Guitar; Robert Kubey - Drums; Stephen Cooper - Bass; John Barrows - Harp
Recorded at the Busch Campus Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
September 12, 1997
Broadcast on WPSC-FM William Paterson University, December 28, 1997.

Transcript From the Radio Show "What It Is" with Ted Clancy

Broadcast December 28, 1997, on WPSC-FM 88.7, William Paterson University.

Ted Clancy: Hello again. I'm Ted Clancy and the show is "What It Is" and we're on 88.7 WPSC-FM, the spirit of North Jersey at William Paterson University, and visiting, as you remember, with The Professors. And we're going to do another recorded piece from your latest endeavor. And, J, you're going to tell us what this is and what it's about - if you remember. We had a rather shaking conversation on the break where it didn't seem like J remembered that she wrote it! That happens to me too.

J: The fact that I "wrote" this song is rather loosely taken. This actually was a song, well it actually started as a riff that we were practicing at Gary's house over the Summer. The guys decided that it needed some vocals, that it needed some lyrics along with it. So, sort of on the spot, the guys said "well, just come up with something, just start singing." So, all these blues songs, you know, start with something about, you know, dark days, and storms, and sadness, and people leaving, so we wound up with "Dark and Stormy Day."

Ted: Aha, okay, makes perfect sense to me.

The Lyrics

On the morning I was born
It was a dark and stormy day
On the morning I was born
My daddy went away
Ever since that day
When that man left town
Ever since that day
He ain't been around
Dark and stormy day
Ooohhh, dark and stormy day

Copyright 1997 by J and T-ski. All rights reserved

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