Greenwich Village, New York City, February 7, 1999

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Photographs by Marie Radford

In a development that stunned musical observers, the Professors quartet rebounded from the loss of their lead vocalist with an outstanding two-hour performance in a New York City jazz/blues club, the Cornelia Street Cafe, on February 7, 1999. As a result of a frenzy of creative activity, the Professors debuted a host of new and original songs: Nicky Land (Romanenko), "Chill Out" (John Lee Hooker/Carlos Santana; arr. by Kubey), Sunday Night at Kenny's (Barrows), New York City Sidewalk Blues (Barrows), and The Silvio Blues (Barrows/Radford/Romanenko/aisbord). The audience was also treated to performances by two unexpected guest vocalists. Ruthy Unger gave an unforgettable rendition of Gershwin's "Summertime" and Sonja Souther gave a wonderful improvisation of the "Relocation Blues" to the tune of "Five Long Years."

Watch a YouTube playlist of incredibly rare footage of 12 songs from this show: (1) Summertime, (2) Before You Accuse Me / Dreading the Dawning, (3) Weird Sisters, (4) Untenured Blues, (5) Eight Minutes, (6) Take Sick and Die, (7) Nicky Land, (8) Chill Out (Things Gonna Change), (9) The New York City Sidewalk Blues, (10) Sunday Night at Kenny's, (11) The Silvio Blues, and (12) Nothing


John Barrows - Harp/Guitar/Lead Vocals
Bob Kubey - Drums
Gary Radford - Lead Guitar
Nick Romanenko - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals


Ruth Unger
Vocals on Summertime, Chill Out and Untenured Blues
Sonja Souther
Vocals on Sonja's Relocation Blues


  1. Before You Accuse Me (Eric McDaniel - Eric Clapton)
  2. Dreading the Dawning (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
  3. Weird Sisters (Mark Linkous - Sparklehorse)
  4. Untenured Blues (Gary Radford/Marie Radford)
  5. Eight Minutes (John Barrows/Mark Wallinger)
  6. Take Sick and Die (Muddy Waters) **
  7. Nicky Land (Nick Romanenko) **
  8. Chill Out (Things Gonna Change) (John Lee Hooker/Carlos Santana/Chester Thompson - arr. by Robert Kubey)
  9. Nothing (Tuli Kupferberg - The Fugs; arr. by Robert Kubey)
  10. New York City Sidewalk Blues (John Barrows) **
  11. Spirit of the Age (Double Time Version) (Robert Calvert/Dave Brock - Hawkwind)
  12. Sunday Night at Kenny's (John Barrows) **
  13. The Silvio Blues (John Barrows/Gary Radford/Nick Romanenko/Silvio Waisbord) **
  14. Summertime (George Gershwin/DuBose Heyward) **
  15. Waiting for the Big One (Peter Gabriel)
  16. Spirit of the Age (Regular Version) (Robert Calvert/Dave Brock - Hawkwind)
  17. Psycho Killer (David Byrne/Chris Frantz/Tina Weymouth - The Talking Heads)
  18. Sway (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards - The Rolling Stones)
  19. Sonja's Relocation Blues (Sonja Souther & The Professors)
** = debut song

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