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The Professors in June 1999. Photograph by Deborah Goodsite

1998-1999 was a period of intense personnel changes in the band. Stephen Cooper announced his retirement from the band in December 1997 and then, in February 1998, in a move that shocked the music world, T-ski leaves the band in order to pursue solo projects. In an exclusive interview given to the New Jersey Star Ledger, T-ski announces that he is composing an album of "heavy-metal cyber-anthems" (see Kevin Coughlin, April 6, 1998, Rutgers is teaching Web Sites How to Talk. New Jersey Star Ledger, Tech Section, p. 21, 24). His 21-year old son, Marcin, is quoted as saying "It's not bad, Dad, but you've got to scream more." There is also some incidental material in the article referring to T-ski's work as a computer scientist.

Other personnel changes during this period were the arrival of Nick Romanenko on bass guitar. Nick made his debut at Montclair University on March 21, 1998. J departed the band after an unforgettable vocal performance at Kenny's Castaways in November 1998. Sonja Souther joined the band in March 1999 after literally walking out of the audience to sing with the band at their performance at the Cornelia Street Cafe. Finally, to end this hectic period of change, Chad Dell joined the group playing guitar in May 1999 at the classic Kubeystock outdoor music festival in Highland Park, NJ.

Montclair State University The 2nd Annual Conference of the New Jersey Communication Association.
Montclair, NJ, March 21, 1998.
Debut of Nick Romanenko, Bass.
Premiere of Dreading the Dawning (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
Premiere of The Untenured Blues (Gary Radford/Marie Radford)
PremierePyschedelic Killer (Nick Romanenko)
Premiere of Ghost of Love (John Barrows/Mark Wallinger)
This Page contains VIDEO from the show
Barrows' Basement Club Little Silver, NJ, May 9, 1998.
Premiere of Eight Minutes (John Barrows)
Kevin Patten's Halloween Party Jackson Township, New Jersey
October 3, 1998 (with The Grateful Shedheads)
This Page contains VIDEO from the show
MCIS 10 Year Anniversary Reception Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Brunswick, New Jersey
November 14, 1998
This Page contains VIDEO from the show
Kenny's Castaways - 1998 Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York City
November 22, 1998.
This was to be J's final performance with the band.
This Page contains a VIDEO of the show
The Cornelia Street Cafe Cornelia Street, Greenwich Village, New York City
February 7, 1999
First guest performance by Sonja Souther
Premiere of Nicky Land (Nick Romanenko)
Premiere of New York City Sidewalk Blues (John Barrows)
Premiere of The Silvio Blues (John Barrows/Gary Radford/Nick Romanenko/Silvio Waisbord)
Premiere of Sunday Night at Kenny's (John Barrows)
This Page contains VIDEO from the show
Napolitano's Restaurant New Brunswick, NJ, March 28, 1999.
Debut of Sonja Souther, Vocals.
Premiere of Run Away With Me (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
The Palmer Inn Mid-Atlantic Consortium/Leadership for Institutional Change Initiative
The Palmer Inn, Princeton, NJ, April 8, 1999
Rider University The 3rd Annual Conference of the New Jersey Communication Association
The Student Center Pub, Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ, April 10, 1999
First guest performances by Chad Dell and Jonathan Millen
This Page contains a VIDEO of the show
Kubeystock 1999 Bob Kubey's Backyard, Highland Park, New Jersey
May 15, 1999.
Debut of Chad Dell, Guitar and Vocals.
May Bash 1999 Backyard of Mark and Ann Smith, Wyckoff, New Jersey
May 22, 1999
Premiere of Hyatt Elevator (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
University Relations Picnic Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey
June 4, 1999
Yaegerfest '99 Home of Sharon and Bill Yaeger, Sparta, New Jersey
August 21, 1999
Doll's Place New Brunswick, NJ, December 2, 1999.
Premiere of Cold Snap (John Barrows/Gary Radford)
Premiere of She Loves Me (Not) (Chad Dell)
Premiere of Peer Review (John Barrows)
Premiere of Nobody Likes Happy Songs (John Barrows/Gary Radford)

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